the ydc mentoring program

The Youth Director’s Council (YDC) is open to all boys and girls, ages 11-17 who are enrolled in school.

Our goals are to improve self-esteem, attendance, attitudes, academics, teamwork skills, leadership skills and staying away from risky behaviors. All in all, we strive to help our students become well-rounded leaders through community service. 


All participants sign an agreement to be drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free.

Weekly meetings/events include topics such as leadership, responsibility, furthering their education after high school, community service, budgeting, resume building, professional development, doing the right thing, anti-bullying, and anti-drugs. 


 In an attempt to keep our students safe from COVID-19, YDC meetings are held online via Zoom Video Conferencing, every other Saturday from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. The program will become both online and in-person in summer 2021.

Anyone interested in joining is welcomed to contact Ms. Veizaga via phone at 786-448-9075 or email


June 25 

July 2

MBPAL YDC Teen Mentoring 2020